CM 4.2.2 dengan sentuhan eclair dan motodroid

by Wisnu Wijayanto » Fri, 30 Oct 2009 18:21:05 GMT

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 Berhubung pemakai baru, napsu aja coba-coba ROM sama themes.
Setelah pake CM 4.2.2 nyobain nambahin dari 
Setelah restart ada pilihan buat pake advance launcher :D
Change log ada di bawah, fungsional belom tau.. mau test dulu.
IM masih aneh, semua contact offline, baik di wifi maupun mobile network.

V0.2 'the Moto Droid version'

-Google Maps Icon
-New Browser Icon
-Market Icon
-Moto Droid style application drawer for default launcher (thanks
AndroidDev101 for the image port)
-New Eclair wallpaper and Moto Droid style concrete wallpaper
-Blur animation for menu only (all the rest is Eclair 2.0)
-Enlarged dialer buttons
-Updated screenshots
-Changed zip name to make it more descriptive + MD5

V0.1 'initial revision'

-Eclair icons for Phone, Mms, Contacts, Browser and AlarmClock
-Eclair animations
-Boot animation, unlock screen, statusbar and app drawer back to stock Eclair
-Some system icons and artwork from Eclair
 Contact folders, new message icon, incoming call notifications, tabs,
other bits
-Dialer with bits from Eclair (still need to space the buttons)
-Google Maps 3.2.0 (eclair version)
-YouTube 1.5.08 (eclair version)
-Advanced Launcher 2.1 from Irrenhaus as a seperate Home replacement
 Comes with Cyanogen app drawer (so you can switch back to CM style)
 Stock wallpaper gallery
 Will not lock in memory
-Meltus Audio Hack G7 V2Rev2
-Upgraded terminal
 Works for Sapphire + stock and HTC IME
-Removed Amazon MP3
-Optimized images

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CM 4.2.2 dengan sentuhan eclair dan motodroid

by Dede Ardian » Fri, 30 Oct 2009 20:05:26 GMT

 mas lesjaw , patch IM tuh gimana sih ?

push adb kemaren malah ngaco :( hehehe

On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 5:36 PM, <

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