Lock screen disabling at call End

by Zealousian » Wed, 05 Aug 2009 15:23:07 GMT

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   I have a requirement to disable the Lock Screen, after the call.
normally whats happening is when call starts in onresume :
app.disableKeyguard(); is called and again in onpause :
app.reenableKeyguard(); is called. but this is just temporary state
changing. I cant use this at the end of the call. if i do so then
there is misbehaviour in lock state.
so i would like to know how to disable the Lock Screen at the end of
the call ?
i have already tried

        void exitKeyguardSecurely()
        final KeyguardManager keyguardManager = PhoneApp.getInstance
        final PhoneApp app = PhoneApp.getInstance();
KeyguardManager.OnKeyguardExitResult() {
                public void onKeyguardExitResult(boolean success) {
//              app.reenableKeyguard();
//              app.disableKeyguard();
                        Log.i("degug_log", "onPause"+"KeyGaurd ExitResult");

but still its not working.
do update me or correct me if i am wrong in my understanding.


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