Update Running Activity from BroadcastReceiver?

by Cormac McCarty » Fri, 27 Feb 2009 01:48:33 GMT

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 Hi all,

Is it possible to update a currently running activity from a BroadcastReceiver?

I have a BroadcastReceiver that's able to start an activity just fine
from its onReceive method.  But what if the activity is already
running?  How do I let it know that the BroadcastReceiver has some
more data for it?  Do I just start the activity again?  If so, would
that be a new instance of the activity?  What happens to the old one?
If it doesn't create a new instance, does onCreate get called again?
If not, how does the activity know that it's been hit again by the
BroadcastReceiver?  More importantly, in that case, how does the
activity get the data I attached to the intent in the


Update Running Activity from BroadcastReceiver?

by Cory » Fri, 27 Feb 2009 23:07:25 GMT

 I figured it out.

If you have the Activity register the BroadcastReceiver
programatically (ie, not in the manifest file), the Activity can have
a reference to the BroadcastReceiver.  Then you can give the Activity
a listener interface and register it with the BroadcastReceiver.  So
instead of having the BroadcastReceiver fire an Intent, it just calls
the callback on the Activity.  You may have to set up a Runnable and
call runOnUiThread() on the Activity, but it works just fine.



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