API to delete SIM contacts & Messages AND erasing the SD card contents

by Surendra Reddy T » Thu, 16 Apr 2009 20:02:42 GMT

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Is there any API which can delete the contacts and messages on the SIM card?
And the API to format (erase all) the SD card ?

IF not, please suggest me a way to delete all on SIM and SD card. Any help
will be appriciated.
Is there anyway to access lower level (driver lever) APIs exposed in C/C++?



API to delete SIM contacts & Messages AND erasing the SD card contents

by tsreddy » Mon, 20 Apr 2009 13:22:54 GMT

 Hi Android Engineers/framework Engineers, please answer my questions.
It is very important for me to finisg my application.
Your help will be higly appriciated.


On Apr 16, 5:02pm, Surendra Reddy T <surendraredd...@gmail.com>


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API to delete SIM contacts & Messages AND erasing the SD card contents

by brian.schimmel » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 20:17:59 GMT

 Hi Surendra,

as far as I know, access to the SIM data is restricted to applications
which are signed by the same entity that signed the system image. That
is, you either have to be Google/the Open Handset Alliance, or you
have to build a custom system image. Then users of your sofware would
have to flash their firmware with yours. If you plan to publish your
app to end-users, that's not an option, because they cannot flash
their firmware with yours.

If you application definitely needs access to the SIM, you could join
the community and provide some effort so that the SIM-API will be
opend in one of the upcoming Versions (like 1.6) of android. I got the
same advice when I asked for the same feature, but sadly I and my
company currently have no spare resources to do that.

The data on the SD-card is secured by the file system permissions, and
your app will never have the permissions to delete the files that
other apps created. For card formatting, there might be some API, but
I guess the same restrictions as for SIM access apply here. But while
accessing the SIM is a rather common need, which might show up in a
public API in future (at least I hope so, I don't have any information
on that), I guess this will never happen for SD-Card-formating.

best regards,
Brian Schimmel


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