Maps API and legacy

by arnouf » Wed, 29 Sep 2010 23:27:56 GMT

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 Hi all,

I found this post

This posting 
suggests that "you must not use the Map Service with any applications
for route guidance, including but not limited to turn-by-turn route
guidance that is synchronized to the position of a user's sensor-
enabled device"

so if I understand we can use maps API to retrieve a route between two
points (and kml file provided by the URL) and draw on a mapview the
way. Is it right ?

Thanks for your answer


Maps API and legacy

by arnouf » Thu, 30 Sep 2010 00:27:32 GMT

 I found a solution calling Intent. Is it legal ?
startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse("http://


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Maps API and legacy

by Morrison Chang » Thu, 30 Sep 2010 12:36:39 GMT

 I think that the code for the Intent is legal, its just a URI.
And you don't need a Google Maps API key to use it.
All the code does is either launches the Google Maps App or the
Browser which go to the Google Maps site. As either would launch new
apps I would think its okay with the realization that at any point
Google can change its mind about the URI format or disable it.


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