AW: Wikitude testers needed

by Philipp Breuss » Wed, 29 Oct 2008 23:28:10 GMT

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 Hi all,
Thank you for testing!
What I would like to know is how accurate the camera view is.
To test it, you can pick a point of interest that you see, i.e. a mountain
peak or something, wait until GPS accuracy is better than "medium", check it
in the map view, and then check if the Point of Interest in the cam view is
drawn correctly. 
If no, I would like to know 1) your position (on bottom of your cam view),
2) the POI you looked at and 3) the approximate position of the actual POI
(i.e. about 200m to the left).
Maybe some of you have a point of interest nearby to do such a test. 

In my case it's the Untersberg - a mountain straight in front of my living

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Wikitude works great in san francisco area.


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