htc hero webview crash

by Cyryl P艂otnicki-Chudyk » Tue, 30 Mar 2010 03:09:17 GMT

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 ello there, I am testing facebook integration using fbconnect java
library and on 1.5-2.1 emulators it behaves quite fine, while on htc
hero I get frequent crashes like this:

Build fingerprint: 'htc_wwe/htc_hero/hero/hero:
pid: 25338, tid: 25364 >>> <<<
signal 11 (SIGSEGV), fault addr 00000000
r0 00000007 r1 411ab7a8 r2 411ab7a8 r3 00000000
r4 411ab7a8 r5 001c6e18 r6 00000000 r7 45373cac
r8 45373da0 r9 4104be4c 10 4104be38 fp 00000001
ip 00000011 sp 45373c70 lr ad046f05 pc ad03ff72 cpsr 00000030
#00 pc 0003ff72 /system/lib/
#01 pc 001f50ce /system/lib/
#02 pc 00264542 /system/lib/
#03 pc 000db0d8 /system/lib/
#04 pc 000ed154 /system/lib/
#05 pc 000e02b4 /system/lib/
#06 pc 00188ee8 /system/lib/
#07 pc 00189064 /system/lib/
#08 pc 00189090 /system/lib/
#09 pc 0025ab36 /system/lib/
#10 pc 0000e434 /system/lib/
#11 pc 00040b0a /system/lib/
#12 pc 00013198 /system/lib/
#13 pc 00017b9c /system/lib/
#14 pc 000175e0 /system/lib/
#15 pc 000523dc /system/lib/
#16 pc 000523fa /system/lib/
#17 pc 000473a4 /system/lib/
#18 pc 0000f880 /system/lib/
#19 pc 0000f3f4 /system/lib/
45373c30 45373c68
45373c34 001c6e18 [heap]
45373c38 416b3369
45373c3c 416b336a
45373c40 001c6e18 [heap]
45373c44 00000001
45373c48 00000007
45373c4c 4106c9b0
45373c50 001c6e18 [heap]
45373c54 00000001
45373c58 00000007
45373c5c ad046f05 /system/lib/
45373c60 411ab7a8
45373c64 001c6e18 [heap]
45373c68 df002777
45373c6c e3a070ad
#00 45373c70 45373da0
45373c74 ad0407a9 /system/lib/
45373c78 45373cb8
45373c7c 001c1728 [heap]
45373c80 aa3e45c8
45373c84 ad03ff5d /system/lib/
45373c88 aa1f50b9 /system/lib/
45373c8c 001c1728 [heap]
45373c90 00000000
45373c94 aa1f50d1 /system/lib/
#01 45373c98 4106c9b0
45373c9c 45373cac
45373ca0 ffe10af1
45373ca4 aa264545 /system/lib/
45373ca8 411ab7a8
45373cac 00000000
threadid=25 (h=2846904): spin on suspend threadid=17 (handle=2107240)
dumping state: process - 25338
"http2" prio=5 tid=25 RUNNABLE
| group="main" sCount=0 dsCount=0 s=0 obj=0x435b95c8
| sysTid=25370 nice=1 sched=0/0 handle=2846904
at org.bouncycastle.asn1.DERSequence.encode(
at org.bouncyc

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