SMS Ringtone

by abdelmonim abetti » Tue, 02 Mar 2010 10:39:02 GMT

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I want to change SMS ringtone programatically from a raw resource  but I
don't find any example to do it.



SMS ringtone

by abdelmonim abetti » Tue, 02 Mar 2010 10:40:11 GMT


I want to change SMS ringtone programatically from a raw resource  but I
don't find any example to do it.



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SMS ringtone

by abdelmonim » Thu, 04 Mar 2010 17:08:47 GMT

 Hi there,

I just found one solution:
I have to implement my own SMS client and play my tone when I recieve
a SMS but it's heavy
If anyone has another idea, please share with me



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I really hope this is the appropriate forum to discuss my issues with
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am very interested in the opportunity to develop apps for this new and
Open Source OS. I should admit, I acknowledge that I am an early
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- Within 3 days, a coworker permanently locked me out of my phone b/c
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unlock). When it is locked out (v 1.5), it will ask for your gmail
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HTC Sync is nearly useless! I realize may be more of an HTC specific
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- Another HTC Magic related issue - This is not a multi-touch phone
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- WiFi doesn't work properly on a WPA2 with SSID not broadcasted. All
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Android apps (in general) are pretty bad! Very few have the polish of
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Ironically, the Google ADC 2 app for judging the apps selected for the
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Problems with it:
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2. Most come with poor descriptions.
3. You must rate the app and delete it before trying another
4. The rating system is limited to a few 'out of 5 stars' ratings
categories. No opportunity to comment or indicate whether or not the
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Please work MUCH harder at attracting the top tier software developers
to port their apps to Android. So far, there is much to be desired
when compared to Windows Mobile and iPhone.  A $250K contest every
year is NOT enough! If you wish to continue doing the contest, offer
more prizes rather than one grand prize!

In regards to the current market, it is a sorely disappointing
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CardioTrainer, Color Flashlight, Compass, Compare Everywhere (not
perfect - needs lots of work), Google Sky Map, Labyrinth, MyCalculator
(cheesy icon but works really well), Teeter, Wapedia.


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