Error in fbconnect example (tro uble processing 鈥渏avax/net/SocketFactory.class鈥?)

by rokson » Tue, 28 Sep 2010 20:56:41 GMT

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 I am trying to publish into faceboook by using fbconnect-android sdk.
I am new to android programming.

I stuck up at the fallowing error. Please help me out.

trouble processing "javax/net/SocketFactory.class":
[2010-09-28 18:06:19 - fbconnect-sample]
Attempt to include a core VM class in something other than a core
It is likely that you have attempted to include the core library from
a desktop
virtual machine into an application, which will most assuredly not
work. If
you really intend to build a core library -- which is only appropriate
part of creating a full virtual machine binary, as opposed to
compiling an
application -- then use the "--core-library" option to suppress this
message. If you go ahead and use "--core-library" but are in fact
an application, then please be aware that your build will still fail
at some
point; you will simply be denied the pleasure of reading this helpful
[2010-09-28 18:06:19 - fbconnect-sample] 1 error; aborting
[2010-09-28 18:06:19 - fbconnect-sample] Conversion to Dalvik format
failed with error 1

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