(ABSEN) Foto Mirink Sency

by dessy motolovers » Sat, 29 May 2010 06:41:45 GMT

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 Gw bilang juga ape...:)

Kenape gue ama mooks siluetnya mirip yak ? Wkwwkwkwkkwkwk.... :p



2010/5/28 David Haryanto <david.haryan...@gmail.com>:


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If I understand your question correctly, then yes.

In your manifest, just set the following:

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methods that don't exist on earlier platforms without checking the
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My 2 cents on what I expierenced so far on the Android market. Just
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who are enjoying it to post a rating? Just like tangible good items
you only hear from people who have had a bad expierence I want to make
it better but can't without feedback. I all for fair constructive
criticism, if I deserve 1 star then great let me know why and i'll fix
it, or look into why it has to work the way it works. People will
either rate 1 or 5 and nothing in between, and most of the time you
only get a rating during 'uninstall' and if its within hours of
install its usually a 1.

The problem with low rating is that visiblity drops on the app. There
is no way to make something better if people don't use it and leave
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