Keyguard does not unlock when intent fires while user is at home screen

by Rob Franz » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 23:41:22 GMT

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I have a pendingIntent that, when it is launched and the user is at
the home screen with the keyguard locked and screen off, it does not
always unlock the screen even after calling disableKeyguard.

If the user is still in the application and the intent launches, I
acquire the wakelock and the keyguard is unlocked w/disableKeyguard
with no problem in onResume.

It only seems that when the user is outside of the application and the
intent launches, I acquire the wakelock, but the keyguard does not
always unlock - even though I'm calling disableKeyguard in onResume.

Anyone seen this behavior before?  Or am I using this incorrectly?



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