Need help with using multiple views within a Listview

by JasonMP » Sun, 15 Nov 2009 04:14:30 GMT

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 Hi all,

I,m trying to build a custom Listview and Adapter to populate the
screen with items from a database.  I need to have a checkbox in each
view that when clicked will display a number in a textview from the
database within that particular Listview item, and then also update
the checked status in the database.  Anyone have an example of how I
could make this work?


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We are porting Eclair to a board. But now mediaserver is always died
and started again and again. The detailed information is as below.

I parse the address 0001f5e8 by using addr2line tool:
./prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.2.1/bin/arm-eabi-addr2line -
f -e ./out/.../symbols/system/lib/ 0x0001f5e8

Line 1197 is if (checkForNewParameters_l()). Obivously,
checkForNewParameters_l() is a function. I don't know the exact root
cause which leads to the mediaserver crash. Does anyone know how to
debug it?

Thanks very much!

pid: 1338, tid: 1366  >>> /system/bin/mediaserver <<<
signal 11 (SIGSEGV), fault addr 00000000
 r0 0000b7a8  r1 00000001  r2 00000000  r3 00000000
 r4 00000011  r5 3b028600  r6 0000b7a8  r7 0000b7cc
 r8 7eb8f9fc  r9 3fe39e08  10 39d1b5fd  fp 00000001
 ip 3b02a72c  sp 2aeb7dc8  lr 3b01f5eb  pc 00000000  cpsr 00000010
         #00  pc 00000000
         #01  pc 0001f5e8  /system/lib/
         #02  pc 0001b96e  /system/lib/
         #03  pc 0001b664  /system/lib/
         #04  pc 00010064  /system/lib/
         #05  pc 0000fbd8  /system/lib/
code (around frame #01):
 3b01f5d8   fb72f7fc f7f51c38 6835ffa1 69aa1c30
 3b01f5e8   28004790 6b70d01a 21006c35 43421c2a
    2aeb7d88  000012c0
    2aeb7d8c  0000b8f0  [heap]
    2aeb7d90  00000011
    2aeb7d94  3fe0f458  /system/lib/
    2aeb7d98  00000011
    2aeb7d9c  3fe0ed7c  /system/lib/
    2aeb7da0  00000011
    2aeb7da4  3fe0f458  /system/lib/
    2aeb7da8  00000011
    2aeb7dac  0000b8a4  [heap]
    2aeb7db0  0000b7a8  [heap]
    2aeb7db4  0000b7cc  [heap]
    2aeb7db8  7eb8f9fc  [stack]
    2aeb7dbc  3fe39e08  /system/lib/
    2aeb7dc0  df002777
    2aeb7dc4  e3a070ad
#01 2aeb7dc8  00000000
    2aeb7dcc  00000000
    2aeb7dd0  00000000
    2aeb7dd4  00000000
    2aeb7dd8  3b02a440  /system/lib/
    2aeb7ddc  00000000
    2aeb7de0  00004268
    2aeb7de4  0000b8f0  [heap]
    2aeb7de8  09ff2f7c
    2aeb7dec  00000012
    2aeb7df0  00000000
    2aeb7df4  000012c0
    2aeb7df8  04dd9d8c
    2aeb7dfc  00000000
    2aeb7e00  00000000
    2aeb7e04  00000000
    2aeb7e08  573dcc1e
    2aeb7e0c  00000011
    2aeb7e10  00000000
    2aeb7e14  3b0295d0  /system/lib/
    2aeb7e18  00000000
    2aeb7e1c  00000000
    2aeb7e20  00000000
    2aeb7e24  00000004
    2aeb7e28  00000030
    2aeb7e2c  00000000
    2aeb7e30  00000000
    2aeb7e34  00000000
    2aeb7e38  00000000
    2aeb7e3c  00000000
    2aeb7e40  00000000
    2aeb7e44  00000000
    2aeb7e48  00000000
    2aeb7e4c  00000000
    2aeb7e50  00000000
    2aeb7e54  00000000
    2aeb7e58  00000000
    2aeb7e5c  00000000
    2aeb7e60  00000000
    2aeb7e64  00000000
    2aeb7e68  00000000
    2aeb7e6c  00000000
    2aeb7e70  0000d338  [heap]
    2aeb7e74  3fe0f458  /system/lib/
    2aeb7e78  0000b490  [heap]
    2aeb7e7c  39d13ed3  /system/lib/
    2aeb7e80  00002bd4
    2aeb7e84  0000b8dc  [heap]
    2aeb7e88  0000b490  [heap]
    2aeb7e8c  9d0aa4e9
    2aeb7e90  0000b8dc  [heap]
    2aeb7e94  00000000
    2aeb7e98  0000b7a8  [heap]
    2aeb7e9c  3b02861c  /system/lib/
    2aeb7ea0  39d29ad8  /system/lib/
    2aeb7ea4  39d1b971  /system/lib/
#02 2aeb7ea8  0000b7a8  [heap]
    2aeb7eac  0000b490  [heap]
    2aeb7eb0  0000a000  [heap]
    2aeb7eb4  0000b7a8  [heap]
    2aeb7eb8  0000d350  [heap]
    2aeb7ebc  ffffffed
    2aeb7ec0  0000d350  [heap]
    2aeb7ec4  0000b7a8  [heap]
    2aeb7ec8  39d1b8f9  /system/lib/
    2aeb7ecc  39d1b667  /system/lib/
#03 2aeb7ed0  00000000
    2aeb7ed4  0000d338  [heap]
    2aeb7ed8  39d1b5fd  /system/lib/
    2aeb7edc  2aeb7f00
    2aeb7ee0  0000d338  [heap]
    2aeb7ee4  39d1b5fd  /system/lib/
    2aeb7ee8  00000078
    2aeb7eec  3fe10068  /system/lib/
#04 2aeb7ef0  2adb8000
    2aeb7ef4  2aeb7f00
    2aeb7ef8  0000d370  [heap]
    2aeb7efc  3fe0fbdc  /system/lib/
#05 2aeb7f00  2aeb7f00
    2aeb7f04  0000d370  [heap]
    2aeb7f08  00000000
    2aeb7f0c  00000000
    2aeb7f10  00000000
    2aeb7f14  0000d898  [heap]
    2aeb7f18  00000000
    2aeb7f1c  00000000
    2aeb7f20  00000000
    2aeb7f24  00000000
    2aeb7f28  00000000
    2aeb7f2c  00000000
    2aeb7f30  00000000
    2aeb7f34  00000000
    2aeb7f38  00000000
    2aeb7f3c  00000000
    2aeb7f40  00000000
    2aeb7f44  00000000


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