DDMS + GPX track: Bug in time?

by Ludwig » Sat, 20 Sep 2008 01:26:51 GMT

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 I am using DDMS to play a GPX file. The lat/long data arrives fine in
my application, but not the time.

I notice two things: first of all the time displayed in DDMS for the
start/end times of the GPX track is wrong, out by one month.

The first point in my track is in the GPX file like this:
 <trkpt lat="22.5774600" lon="-83.9237000">

This was in April 2008, but DDMS displays May. I assume they count
months from 0, so 04 is May. I am not quite sure what the GPX
specification is but I think DDMS is wrong.

The second observation is that the time arriving in the location data
is the current time, not the time in the GPX file. This is probably
'right' in the sense that it is supposed to emulate real-time GPS
data, so I do not want to quibble with this, but it would be nice to
be able to use the time as it was in the GPX file (for testing
purposes it is easier to have a fixed time in the data).



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