Debug - Tracing

by Manfred » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 01:53:13 GMT

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I wanted to trace my application with >startMethodTracing(String
traceName)< but i got an exception, that it is not possible to write
in the file!
The file is written on the sd-card, is this may only possible with
root rights?


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Hello all. How are you?

Sorry, abis GTUG blm sempat share apa2. Kebanyakan share android di
Twit @danieltumiwa.

Boleh dibantu. Link download Rom utk Eclair - Hero boleh di share please?
Rencana liburan mau otak atik.

Ada yg perlu di waspadai? Or all lancar? Or ke Donut saja?

Thanks tuan-tuan.


Daniel Tumiwa

Sent from my Android phone.


Daniel Tumiwa

Sent from my Android phone.

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