Reusing views/code-

by Richard » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 12:04:37 GMT

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 I have an ImageButton in the layout of several of my Activities that
launches an "information" dialog.

At the moment I'm adding the (almost the) same the ImageButton XML and
(almost the) same onClickListener java code to every Activity that
needs it.  In each activity I'm giving the ImageButton a different id
so that I can reference it.

This seems like poor design because the code is essentially the same
across all activities and I don't get to take advantage of code-reuse.

Is there a smarter way to reuse a view in the layout of several
different activities?


Reusing views/code-

by ~ TreKing » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 21:59:17 GMT


What I would probably do, based on the info you provided:
- Encapsulate the similar onClickListener code into one class. Take care of
differences via parameters or by subclassing.
 - Create a single XML layout file that defines the ImageView with it's
properties as it will be across all activities with a single ID. Use the
"include" tag in the other Activities layouts to re-use the view in those
- Create some helper function to find the ImageView in question for a given
activity and set the appropriate click listener on it.

Hope that helps.

TreKing - Chicago transit tracking app for Android-powered devices 


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