Problem in booting Android

by eternity » Sat, 26 Sep 2009 00:57:06 GMT

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 Hi All,

I am booting Android on HMP10, earlier it was booting fine. Now I have
added my own mp4 decoder to The
file's size got increased and it was intersecting the memory of next
lib which is, And as I do not need (and next to earlier one) so I
have commented those libs in file. I haven't
change the base address of any file.

Now when I am trying to load Android on HMP10, I am getting the
follwoing error:
D/AndroidRuntime( 1729): >>>>>>>>>>>>>> AndroidRuntime START
D/AndroidRuntime( 1729): CheckJNI is ON
D/AndroidRuntime( 1729): --- registering native functions ---
I//system/bin/msntp( 1730): msntp: unable to locate IP address/number
I//system/bin/msntp( 1730): msntp: Connection refused
I/logwrapper( 1730): /system/bin/msntp terminated by exit(1)
I/Zygote  ( 1729): Preloading classes...
D/dalvikvm( 1729): GC freed 764 objects / 42216 bytes in 3ms
D/dalvikvm( 1729): GC freed 280 objects / 17320 bytes in 3ms
D/dalvikvm( 1729): GC freed 207 objects / 12360 bytes in 4ms
D/dalvikvm( 1729): Trying to load lib /system/lib/ 0x0
I/dalvikvm( 1729): Unable to dlopen(/system/lib/
Cannot find library
W/dalvikvm( 1729): Exception Ljava/lang/UnsatisfiedLinkError; thrown
during Landroid/media/MediaPlayer;.<clinit>
D/AndroidRuntime( 1729): Shutting down VM
W/dalvikvm( 1729): threadid=3: thread exiting with uncaught exception
D/dalvikvm( 1729): DestroyJavaVM waiting for non-daemon threads to
D/dalvikvm( 1729): DestroyJavaVM shutting VM down
D/dalvikvm( 1729): VM cleaning up
D/dalvikvm( 1729): LinearAlloc 0x0 used 920100 of 4194304 (21%)
D/skia    ( 1729): purging 6K from font cache [1 entries]

The is there in right place and it's permission is ok

Did anyone face this problem?? any help will be highly appreciable.




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