How does ListActivity create multiple list items

by Disco Stu 010 » Wed, 02 Jul 2008 01:05:12 GMT

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A question for the experts on how ListActivity does its job.

My understanding of the documentation is that to give a custom look to  
ListActivity, one needs to provide a template View (through  
setContentView) that contains a ListView object with the ID "list".  
ListActivity then proceeds to use this template for all the rows it  

My question is, how does ListActivity create multiple instances of  
these ListView objects? (one for each row)  If using the  
"findViewById() method", one ends up with a single View object. Is  
there a straightforward way to create clones of a view object?

Any insights will be greatly appreciated.  I would like to do  
something similar but with a TableLayout. Specify a template for each  
column in the table and be able to instantiate view objects for each  
table cell.



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