ADT 0.9.4 not working on Mac 10.6 (at least for me)

by Carl » Thu, 29 Oct 2009 14:41:27 GMT

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 First, let me say I just did this last week with 0.9.3 and SDK 1.6
successfully so I do know how to do it... :)

I have built a clean OSX installation and installed Eclipse 3.5,
downloaded SDK R3 for Mac and installed ADT as instructed.

When I click the Android icon on the toolbar it gives me the familiar
message that I have not setup the location of the SDK but when I click
the button it never brings up the window to set it up.

So, if I try to create an Android application there is no target to
select since no emulators, etc. have been created.

Has anyone else seen this and is there a workaround?


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Thanks for your reply.



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