Protected Broadcasts and undocumented limitiations?

by James » Thu, 22 Oct 2009 01:58:10 GMT

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 I am attempting to receive PACKAGE broadcasts and as far as I can tell
I have all the permissions required, and all the filters needed.  I
have registered a broadcast listener through the manifest file and I
know my package is being deployed to the emulator.  However, I cannot
receive any of these PACKAGE broadcast intents.  I asked this
question, with snippets of my code and configuration at stackoverflow
and the response I received said that Android will not broadcast
certain system intents to listeners registered via the manifest file
and that they need to be registered via the context's registerListener
() interface instead.

That answer, as far as I can tell has no foundation in the security
documentation.  I have also looked through the android OS source and
found that those intents are registered as protected broadcasts, but
the only place that checks if an Intent is a protected broadcast is to
make sure the process sending, not receiving, it is a system process
or it will fail.  This matches the security documentation.  Is there
any truth to the original answer and is there actually this limitation
that you must use registerListener api to receive protected

  I saw one package from the source in git that actually registers for
the broadcast through the manifest file and never through
registerListener, so I believe there is something else incorrect and
the current explanation is very misleading.

It appears over at stackoverflow people are coming to accept the
answer of additional undocumented restrictions on these protected
broadcasts, I would like it if we could get clarification if it is
misinformation, or a bug, or perhaps real documentation on the matter
if it is intended behavior.

I am coding against he API level 4 with the Google API's.  My original
question and the response that spurred me to post this can be found


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