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by ayip s » Sat, 26 Jun 2010 14:44:08 GMT

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 Waah kemarin katanya pake daster? Wkwkwk

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Hello all,
     I met an issue: when I opened DDMS, I found there are too many
"Binder Thread" in my app's porcess. I have no idea on Binder Thread.
where did the app create them?  why they cannot exit automatically?

     My app have a service and it will create a thread every 5 mins.
The thread will connect internet to download some data, and then exit.
Binder Thead is caused by the service? but I have never used any
binder in the service.

    Who can give some suggestion? thanks.

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catch BOOT_COMPLETED_ACTION from an IntentReceiver ?

The previous thread that i have found on this maillist was this one:

" Use an IntentReceiver and catch the BOOT_COMPLETED_ACTION. Then in the
IntentReceiver call Context.startService() (but use carefully, only
when you really need a background service to run all the time).



Thierry GAYET


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