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by Jeffry Leonardus » Sun, 31 Jan 2010 03:11:12 GMT

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 Nah kalo yang ini .apk bisa saya download... yang .zip koq gak bisa napa

#sent from Google Own Son#

Ada dua...kirim daaahhh
Gk tau yang mana yg bener

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1. Possible to deserialize java object on Android?

Hi there.

I was looking for information as to whether this is possible or not before I
go down this avenue
of writing sockets.

Essentially, I create a TCP/IP socket connection to a simple server I have
written in
Java that accepts socket connections (Using ServerSocket accept method). On
the android
side, I will want to serialize an object that of a class 'Foo' that
implements 'Serializable' interface.
The server will demarshall this object, make a modification, serialize it
again and send it back
to the android client over the same socket connection. My question is - Will
the android client
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Is HTTP REST a better option for communication between my android client and

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Best Regards


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Hello, Everyone.

I have a HTC mobile . The mobile description is as follows-
Model Number : HTC Tattoo
Firmware Version: 1.6
Kernel Version: 2.6.29-gf922713
Build Number: 1.67.720.8 CL#74492 release-keys
Software Version: 1.67.720.8

I am a new bee to this android world. I want to do the below things
can any one tell me how can i do such things...

1) I want to make some change to the android kernel .
2) After that that i want to install my whole kernel to the above HTC
3) What are the procedure to do it?
4) what are things should i download and how will i get it?

I am using ubantu 10.04 OS for doing it. The HTC mobile has an
operating system , I want flash it, and to install the customized


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