Android Dev Phone - shipping to Canada?

by J Dietrich » Tue, 09 Dec 2008 00:34:08 GMT

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 So, I signed up for the Market, and then suffered a severe bout of Jaw
Drop when I saw that it was going to cost $264.19 to ship to Canada. I
quickly retreated from purchasing what had been looking like one hell
of an x-mas present for myself.

According to the Help/FAQ, the fee includes "applicable customs,
duties, import and country specific other fees". As anyone in Canada
ordering from the US knows, duties and taxes are levied somewhat
arbitrarily - it's not uncommon to receive something with no
additional taxes levied, despite accurate declared value that
technically warrants it. Even when they are levied, they are charged
through to the party receiving the shipment, and it's hard to see how
they could ever come in so high as to approach this up-front cost -
higher than *every* other country on the list.

Phone: 399.00 USD = 499.63 CAD
Shipping: 264.19 USD = 331.19 CAD (66% of the cost of the device!)
Total: 830.82 CAD :(

No regrets about joining the Market, as I am going to develop on this
platform in any case. I'm just disappointed that I won't be dabbling
with real hardware over the holidays, and I know other developers here
who are in the same boat - all willing to lay out the price of the
phone, but not about to pay 66% on top for shipping.

Can someone please take a stab at breaking down or otherwise
rationalizing this number, helping me (and other Canucks scratching
their heads and/or already being preyed upon by eBay sellers) to
understand this? For $18.99, I could have this next-day shipped to a
location in NY state a mere 5km away. Why are these heavy additional
charges rolled into the shipping cost, and why are the extra charges
for Canada so high relative to all other countries?


Android Dev Phone - shipping to Canada?

by Justin (Google Employee) » Tue, 09 Dec 2008 02:00:36 GMT

 > Even when they are levied, they are charged

Not in this case. In this case the duties and taxes have been charged
to the shipper, which is why the cost of shipping *and handling* is
much more than just the shipping cost.

As to the amount, I'm not a lawyer or a customs specialist. Therefore,
I assume the costs vary by country according to the laws of that
country. While it is true that sometimes duties are not assessed
depending on how shipments are labeled, it doesn't mean that legally
they shouldn't be.

Android Team @ Google


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Android Dev Phone - shipping to Canada?

by Joe Bowser » Tue, 09 Dec 2008 02:35:14 GMT

 rightstar has a history of screwing up International Orders, which
can be found by looking at the history of the One Laptop Per Child's
G1G1 program. In that case, getting the device was the issue, not the
cost of the shipping. It took Brightstar almost six months to figure
out how to ship to Canada for cheap, and it seems that they've
promptly forgot how to do that with the astronomical shipping cost for
the Dev Phone. It shouldn't cost that much to ship it to Canada.

I honestly want to know why Brightstar has so much trouble shipping to
Canada, because every other company that I have ever dealt with hasn't
had a problem shipping across the border. If we could get some
justification from them, that would be helpful, since every cool
device that I want (either for dev work, or for personal) seems to
inflict their unique brand of pain.

On Dec 8, 10:00am, "Justin (Google Employee)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Android Dev Phone - shipping to Canada?

by J Dietrich » Tue, 09 Dec 2008 02:55:33 GMT

 've spoken with Canada Customs and had it confirmed that a phone w/
$399USD value would incur a max of $64 in taxes (PST+GST) at current
exchange rates. Being manufactured outside of NAFTA zones, it is
possibly subject to duties of 6% (about $30), though I was just
explicitly told by someone at customs that "this is rarely applied",
esp. for gear like cel phones. I'm pretty sure that it is not illegal
when it doesn't get applied, but IANAL either. UPS charges a brokerage
fee of $51 for $500+ value.

Allow for $20 of other misc charges, and go as high as $15 on the
exchange spread for the CC/bank. You've still got $180 CAD here in
what I think it's safe to call "worst case", and that's a far cry from
the $330+ CAD being charged.

I will more than likely ship to the US and get it over here myself -
which will likely only cost me a lunch break and an extra $64 (taxes).
But the hassle, and the lack of a real explanation for the incredibly
high extra fee makes me think twice -- not a great first experience on
what I hope will be a fun and productive ride with this platform.
Loads of US companies have no problems shipping to Canada without
incurring these kind of costs - I'm really disappointed that Google/
Brightstar managed to get it so wrong. Why does Google hate Canada? ;)

On Dec 8, 1:00pm, "Justin (Google Employee)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Android Dev Phone - shipping to Canada?

by Al Sutton » Tue, 09 Dec 2008 02:58:42 GMT

 hy not start a buddy programme... you team up with a buddy in the US, 
get the device shipped to their house, and then collect it from them and
buy them a thankyou gift. It's got to be cheaper than Brightstars P&P +


Joe Bowser wrote:

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company number 6741909. The registered head office is Kemp House,
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Android Dev Phone - shipping to Canada?

by » Tue, 09 Dec 2008 06:49:28 GMT

 I too tried to order phone and got that completely ridiculous shipping
charge of $264 which absolutely no one can justify. I buy phones off
of Cellular Blowout and get them shipped to Canada via USPS the most I
have been charged is $40 shipping and then I pay GST and duty here.
Maybe $50 tops. Its telling me it will only ship UPS and they charge
these outrageous brokerage fees to Canadians. The minute I saw it was
UPS I canceled my order. Total rip-off and they want us to develop for
these phones.


Android Dev Phone - shipping to Canada?

by Matt Zukowski » Sun, 14 Dec 2008 00:45:22 GMT

 The shipping charge is insane. I can't believe bright star is charging
this amount with a straight face.

I'm also not particularly impressed with that you don't see the
shipping charge until the very end, after you've already entered your
credit card info (and signed up for the Android Marketplace dev
program). Considering the shipping charge approaches the cost of the
actual product, you'd think the total cost would be shown at some
point prior to the very last step in the order process.

I think this may be the last straw for me... I was looking forward to
developing for Android, but I've pretty much run out of excuses and
may end up buying and developing for the iPhone instead.


Android Dev Phone - shipping to Canada?

by nacer » Tue, 16 Dec 2008 06:07:20 GMT


Same here i wanted to buy ,i am in france .

The shipping fee are 184$ ,it's completely insane.

I put my order in wait until they drop the shipping price,i have buy a
lot of stuff from USA and it cost around 40$ for shipping to france.


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