Bitmaps (.bmp) don't show up in 'Pictures' when on SDCard

by Gavin Aiken » Sun, 08 Mar 2009 18:10:15 GMT

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 Thanks clark, I wasn't aware png was lossless, I changed the format and it
all works fine!




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1. How to make second DDMS work on the PC which already running a DDMS?

Basically you cannot do that.

DDMS connects to the emulator through adb. adb connects to all running
emulators, and will make them available to the first DDMS.

upon launching DDMS A, it will connect to all available emulators,
making it impossible for a 2nd DDMS/Eclipse to connect to them.


Xavier Ducrohet
Android Developer Tools Engineer
Google Inc.


2. Understanding build.xml in SDK version 1.5 - where are the targets?

<taskdel name="setup" .../> defines a custom Ant task that does the following:

- From the content of '' (value is 'target'),
resolve the project Build Target (ie which platform or add-on your
project is compiling against).
- From this resolution, find the path to the target folder (for
example $SDK/platforms/android-1.5/).
- Import the files containing the target and all the build logic (for
example $SDK/platforms/android-1.5/templates/android_rules.xml)
- Setup properties that define paths to things inside the resolved
target folder (android.jar, aapt, dx, etc...)


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Mon, May 18, 2009 at 5:41 AM
Subject: [android-developers] Understanding build.xml in SDK version
1.5 - where are the targets?
To: Android Developers <>

Hi there,
I just tried to figure out the build.xml from the SDK 1.5. I used
"android update project" an an existing project and got a very short
build.xml. When I strip out all the comments, this is what's left:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="com.webxells.ourproduct" >
  <property file=""/>
  <property file=""/>
  <property file=""/>
  <path id="android.antlibs">
   <pathelement path="${sdk-location}/tools/lib/anttasks.jar" />
   <pathelement path="${sdk-location}/tools/lib/sdklib.jar" />
   <pathelement path="${sdk-location}/tools/lib/
androidprefs.jar" />
   <pathelement path="${sdk-location}/tools/lib/apkbuilder.jar" /
   <pathelement path="${sdk-location}/tools/lib/jarutils.jar" />
 <taskdef name="setup" classname=""
 <setup />

The documentation tells me to call "ant debug" or "ant release". As
far as I know, "debug" and "release" must be the names of targets in
this build.xml, but the build.xml does not contain any target at all.
I would expect to get a message like "Target "debug" does not exist in
the project", but to my big surprise, it works and does something.

Anyway, compilation fails for several reasons. If I knew where the
<javac> task is called, I knew which parameters to add to fix it, but
I can't find it anywhere in this small build.xml. There are many other
things I'd like to customize, but I just don't get where to find them.

thanks for your answers,

Xavier Ducrohet
Android Developer Tools Engineer
Google Inc.


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