Bitmaps (.bmp) don't show up in 'Pictures' when on SDCard

by Gavin Aiken » Sun, 08 Mar 2009 18:10:15 GMT

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 Thanks clark, I wasn't aware png was lossless, I changed the format and it
all works fine!




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Hi All,

In ApiDemo, there is a progressBar demo. It creates a horizontal
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    <ProgressBar android:id="@+id/progress_horizontal"
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But how to create one programmatically?
If just new ProgressBar(fContext), it is Default ProgressBar style.

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More particularly, I interested to know what types of files are
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For example, does this flag allow an application M to access a file of
an application A:

-       located among its source code (i.e. that can be access from the
latter with getClass().getResourceAsStream(name) code) ?
-       located in its res/raw directory (i.e. that can be access from the
latter with the getResources().openRawResource(getResources
().getIndentifier(name, type, package)).
-       located in its assets directory
-       located anywhere else (to be determined)

In fact, even if the activity M is started by the activity A, the use
of the extras of the Intent is not acceptable because of the size of
the files.

Finally, I read that another way to share files is to use a
specialization of the class android.content.ContentProvider. Using
this class with the appropriate permissions (Is it the shareUserId
property?), would allow the application A to copy all its resource
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