peer reviews

by mike » Fri, 02 Apr 2010 23:17:22 GMT

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 Is there any chance we could do this sort of review of each other's
apps collaboratively? I'd venture to say that 10 reviews by other
developers with this kind of feedback is worth 1000 sketchy reviews on the
app store. I know for my app (Phresheez, a social networking ski tracking
app), one of my users is a usability engineer and her feedback was
immensely helpful... somethings are blindingly obvious when pointed
out by the uninitiated.

It would certainly be an interesting way to help overall quality control,
and since apps are so diverse, I'm sure we could divvy things up such
that we don't have to help our competitors, per se.


Yo man !! Incredible the amount of work you've put into that game !! Were you alone or is it a team ? You could use a graphist, but even so, the achievement is there !! My feedback after 15 minutes of play : The list for construction doesn't come up, I think it kind of need a double click. You should find a way to notify, it would help start, I wandered for like 10 minutes before going to the help page which didn't state the double click but showed the buildings list. Then I had to go back to the help page because the farms were not available in my buildings list. If I understand correctly, i can have a farm and a goldmine only if I have a castle but then I didn't know those squares outside of my walls had appeared. Again a notification and maybe centering the map on those square would have helped me. Lastly, when I clicked on the building list, I took me sometimes to understand that red text meant I couldn't get that building because of the missing dependencies. Same thing, a notification popping up and saying "you don't have a farm level high enough" or something would have helped. But again, for a V1, openGl, mmo and everything, this is awsome work. Keep it up. Yahel
Big thanks to Android Team. I couldn't have done it without the help of you guys. If anyone is interested, search 'pocket empires' or 'pe' in Android Market.

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