Open the contact picker activity with a specific contact defaulty selected

by elDoudou » Tue, 01 Apr 2008 15:18:35 GMT

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 I would like to know whether this is possible to open the contacts
picker activity and have a specific contact selected? I use the
following snippet of code:

  startSubActivity(new Intent(Intent.PICK_ACTION,
Contacts.People.CONTENT_URI), 0);

in order to open the activity, and it works perfectly. I tried:

  ContentURI peopleUri = Contacts.People.CONTENT_URI;
  startSubActivity(new Intent(Intent.PICK_ACTION, peopleUri), 0);

(3 being a real contact id) but this does not change the default
selected contact.

Your help is appreciated (this is the kind of detail that makes the OS
Regards, Edouard

Open the contact picker activity with a specific contact defaulty selected

by Peli » Tue, 01 Apr 2008 16:06:45 GMT

 Without having it tried out, I'm surprised that the second solution
works at all?
AFAIK, PICK_ACTION works on the mime-type
while adding the specific contact id changes this to the mime-type on which one should probably use the

Regardless of my irritation, your feature seems like a useful one that
does not seem to be covered by the way the system works currently...
Maybe someone should invent a new intent for doing exactly what you

(PS: If Google doesn't do it, we should do it in OpenIntents..  :-) )


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