Traceview, OutOfMemoryError - How to make it work "again"

by Kitzy » Wed, 10 Feb 2010 00:19:59 GMT

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 Eclipse is only alotted a certain amout of memory, irrelevant of how
much memory you have for Windows.  To chance this you can add a
command line parameter (search for it on goole because I'm not at my
machine) but it is something like -xX5024 or -xS5024.  When starting
in windows you open up the parameters on your elipse shortcut and add
the command line properties to it.



Traceview, OutOfMemoryError - How to make it work "again"

by M » Wed, 10 Feb 2010 03:07:24 GMT

 What confuses the living daylights out of me is that I'm running
TraceView via command line. Just using basic :

"traceview.bat traceFile"
"traceview traceFile"

Am I supposed to give the parameters ... where again? I googled how to
increase the heap size on Eclipse and it said that after the eclipse
command line parameters or the eclipse.ini.
This is my eclipse.ini file:

--------------- ECLIPSE.INIT START --------------------
------------------------- ECLIPSE.INI END -------------------

I tried randomly changing the values that "could" be the right values
but nothing good came out of this, still the same problem... umm...
So.. I didn't really get anywhere, obviously because I have no clue of
what I'm doing so a bit more help and I should be there.

Thank you.


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Traceview, OutOfMemoryError - How to make it work "again"

by M » Wed, 10 Feb 2010 03:10:25 GMT

 I'm guessing the -xmx1024M is the one that tells the max amount if
memory if I'm correct.. but uhh... I still don't see how it works. I'm
just bogged about this. I tried all sorts of variations of the
original one and this one but ... nope, nothing.


Traceview, OutOfMemoryError - How to make it work "again"

by fadden » Wed, 10 Feb 2010 05:22:55 GMT


traceview is not related to Eclipse (other than that they both use SWT
for their GUI).

On Linux you would use something like:

% traceview -JXmx1024m foo.trace

The shell script recognizes the "-J", strips out the 'J', and inserts
the rest into the command line for the java executable.

The traceview.bat isn't so fancy, so I think you just need to edit it
and insert "-Xmx1024m" before the "" part.

BTW, that is a very large trace file.  traceview will try to hold the
entire thing in memory, and it gets expanded into a bunch of different
data structures, so it's going to want a lot of space.


Traceview, OutOfMemoryError - How to make it work "again"

by M » Wed, 10 Feb 2010 05:46:35 GMT

 Oh wow, even more confusing. The batch nor the init file has nothing
even remotely related to "" ...
I just cannot get this thing to work. Hmmh...

Seriously, why did google provide such akward to use tools to
accompany Android? Watching their speaks from youtube makes me really
feel like they really thought of this but working with this makes me
want to kill myself at times. It's so furiously frustrating.


Traceview, OutOfMemoryError - How to make it work "again"

by M » Wed, 10 Feb 2010 05:55:55 GMT

 Ok let's try this again. I vented out my initial frustration, now I'm
back on my seat and trying to figure out this once again. :)

So here goes.

Here you can see my traceview.bat and eclipse.ini files: 

They are the original ones "again".  I'm absolutely clueless about
this at point. Didn't get me any wiser even though I read Eclipses FAQ
on how to increase the heap sice, got nothing out of it. The answer is
staring me right in the face but I just cannot see it...

Anyone? Want to push me around a bit more?


Traceview, OutOfMemoryError - How to make it work "again"

by Pankaj » Wed, 10 Feb 2010 13:00:59 GMT

 In the TRACEVIEW.BAT replace the last line

call java -Djava.ext.dirs=%javaextdirs% -jar %jarpath% %*


call java -Xmx1024m -Djava.ext.dirs=%javaextdirs% -jar %jarpath% %*


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