Problem with continuos animation of children on long press of keys in a Viewgroup.

by ursnavin » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 15:48:29 GMT

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 Hi all,

Suppose,If the user long presses a key,the animation should run till
the keyup...

For this i tried starting the animation on a new thread with a lock on
a flag variable,till the first animation ends.

Now when the user is still pressing his key,the thread is created with
the nxt animation in it....

On keyup the main thread gets the lock on the flag variable,and relays
the child views in thier new position....

This logic seems to work fine,but after some duration the animation
stops and the application simply hangs,

Is there something that i am missing here.....It would be great if
anyone can tell whether the approach followed is correct or should i
do something else???

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