Query on HID support on latest google release

by Simantini Bhattacharya » Tue, 28 Apr 2009 11:13:52 GMT

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Had a couple of  queries regarding HID support on latest Android release
1) What is the HID version implemented on latest Android .
2)Does Android provide support for the phone to be a HID host as well as HID
device .
3)I had a preliminary glance at the donut code and saw a couple of files
like fakehid.c and Hid-input.c . In both these files the input key mappings
are done for specific keyboards. Will HID in android provide support for HID
devices like mouse , joysticks etc .  Also do we separate key mappings per
device or is there a generic HID class driver.

Awaiting your responses



Query on HID support on latest google release

by Jaikumar » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 00:35:33 GMT

 Hi Simantini
  There is no HID support from the framework yet in the latest Android
release, though Bluez supports it and the files you are referring to
are in bluez.


On Apr 28, 4:13am, Simantini Bhattacharya


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Query on HID support on latest google release

by simantini.bhattacha...@gmail.com » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 12:33:56 GMT

 Thanks for your response .
Based on the Bluez support would you be able to answer the below
mentioned queries ?
a) HID profile  version implemented
b) if Bluez provides support for the device to behave both as HID
device as well as HID host



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