QWERTY USB keyboard - keystrokes problem

by Jerry Johns » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 08:28:19 GMT

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 I managed to successfully port the android 2.6.23 kernel changes over
to a TI Davinci TMS320DM6446 EVM Board - its an arm926ejs core with a
DSP processor as well in the die.
The changes were patched over the davinci-git kernel (2.6.23 as well).

The board boots up fine over NFS - i get the red blob moving around,
and then the final UI comes up fine with no error messages on the

I connected a QWERTY keyboard as a USB HID, and it worked absolutely
fine the first time i connected it to the board; on subsequent boots
however, a single keystroke started getting mis-interpreted as
multiple keystrokes - typing "H" would result in 3 Hs for example;
navigating the UI was really hard as it would skip over many of the
On further boots, this became even more problematic as it would
duplicate them 5 times.

A "getevent" showed that in addition to the event0 device being
registered, some other weird .nfs0020932092302 device in the /dev/
input/ folder was being registered as well. If i deleted that device
(an "ls" in the folder didn't show it), i would get
newer .nfsxxxxxxxxx keystrokes being logged.

Any ideas why this is happening? I'm using the ramdisk provided in the
m5-rc14 SDK version.

Thank you kindly,



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