How to launch my app if some one browses any xml file

by Dianne Hackborn » Thu, 18 Jun 2009 16:39:29 GMT

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 I don't think you can do this because the initial URL interception happens
when the browser is processing the URI, before it has a MIME type.  If it
doesn't find an external activity to handle the raw URI, it will at that
point see if it can handle it internally.  At that point either it will do
so, or only if it can't handle it internally will it start retrieving it (at
which point it finds out its MIME type) and if there is an activity that
contains that MIME type it will hand it off.

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How to launch my app if some one browses any xml file

by Sujay Krishna Suresh » Thu, 24 Sep 2009 20:34:29 GMT


I think wat u r speakin abt is wat a plugin can do.
I'm not sure if plugin development is even possible for android's browser.
But wat u can try is have an intent-filer in your manifest consisting of
action ACTION_VIEW and content-type application/xml.
But 'm not very sure tat it'd work.
U could chk its workin by using a file-browser(like the OI file manager)
app, trying to view a xml/rss file stored in ur phone/sdcard.

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