How to change the height of a view

by jdekeij » Wed, 11 Nov 2009 03:53:08 GMT

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 I use the following layout to define a gameboard.

<LinearLayout xmlns:android=" 

All works fine, however I want the gameboard to appear as square. So I
need to resize the board at runtime to put it in the center of the
screen and make it square. I tried many options without success :(

Help is very much appreciated

Jasper de Keijzer


How to change the height of a view

by RichardC » Wed, 11 Nov 2009 04:06:46 GMT

 I can answer 1/2 your question

You need to implement onMeasure  in your custom view class and call
setMeasuredDimension when you have calculated the largest square your
want your custom view to occupy.

Centering a view in its parent container I do not know how to do.



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