Dev1 Phone on AT&T

by Waldoh » Wed, 07 Jan 2009 18:26:53 GMT

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 "According a report from OFB's Timothy Butler, AT&T has been boosting
its 3G coverage and signal strength over the last few months; however,
the upgrade is at the expense of its 2G client base.  Company
technicians have confirmed to OFB that they have been switching 850
MHz 2G repeaters to 3G service and using the weaker 1900 MHz repeaters
as replacement.  This has already left some 2G users with reduced
reception and weaker signal in previously strong areas.  "

I noticed that the dev1 phone supports the 850MHz, does that mean a
dev1 phone owner could get 3G service with AT&T? I'm slowly learning
so any help would be grateful


Dev1 Phone on AT&T

by shyamal » Thu, 08 Jan 2009 02:24:05 GMT

 The T-Mobile 3G service runs in a different band (1700/2100, UMTS Band
IV) than AT&T 3G (850/1900, Band V, if I recall correctly) so I would
be surprised if you could get 3G service from AT&T with the G1 that
runs on the T-Mobile network. It seems that each phone supports the
most commonly used European 3G band (1900/2100 Band 1) and the special
"home" band.

I've not researched this extensively and this is from memory and the
iPhone and G1 on my desk, but I still hope I am wrong ;)



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Dev1 Phone on AT&T

by Steve » Thu, 08 Jan 2009 14:19:50 GMT

 That would explain why my 2G reception is so lousy!!

Thanks for the tip.


Dev1 Phone on AT&T

by A ron » Fri, 09 Jan 2009 00:01:17 GMT

 I am in San Antonio, on a military base. Based on the layout of San
Antonio, Tmobile service is spotty is some areas on post and the only
other tower my G1 registers as available is an AT&T tower. I have
tried connecting to it and the G1 states that due to my sim card, it
will not let me connect.

So, in response and really more of another question...  Is the
connection using AT&T's 3G network a frequency issue, or a SIM network

I do not have an unlocked SIM in my phone, so I currently have no work
around to test that theory out.


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