icon in Droid is badly scaled

by yidongsoft » Thu, 14 Jan 2010 17:26:02 GMT

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 In my G2, the icon is ok. But in Droid, the icon look bad. The
skeleton is good, but the icon is scaled and the icon looks cheap. I
try to set the icon big in resolution, but the button enlarged and the
balance of layout is break. Can any one help me to fix it? Thanks!

icon is not the icon for application present on desktop, but normal
ones present on image button.


icon in Droid is badly scaled

by Lance Nanek » Thu, 14 Jan 2010 23:17:06 GMT

 You can use the hdpi qualifier on a resource directory to provide a
higher resolution version for the Droid that it won't try to scale. If
your image is currently in "res/drawable", for example, you can put a
high resolution version of it in "res/drawable-hdpi-v4". The normal
drawable folder is considered medium display density, so Droid will
scale things up from that by default.

To avoid bad looking scaling you should also make sure your app isn't
in compatibility mode re supporting multiple screen resolutions by
setting your uses-sdk and supports-screen manifest elements to avoid
that. See the documentation for details:

> Thanks!

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icon in Droid is badly scaled

by yidongsoft » Fri, 15 Jan 2010 08:58:49 GMT

 Thank you! I will give a summary later.

> > Thanks!

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