No project types show up in Eclipse 3.5 Galileo

by Rainer » Tue, 03 Nov 2009 06:39:44 GMT

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 Hi Scott and others,

I have the same problem with Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine
plugins. The installation of the plugins went ok, they are visible in
the list of installed plugins, but I don't see the project types show
up in the toolbar and menus, even not when I try File > New > Project

I am on Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop and Eclipse 3.5 Galileo.

Any ideas?

On Oct 29, 6:47pm, "" <>


No project types show up in Eclipse 3.5 Galileo

by rmitovski » Wed, 11 Nov 2009 23:06:24 GMT

 I have the same problem with eclipse 3.5 running on ubuntu 9.10.
Everything seems to have installed properly but new project seems to
never recognize any SDK. Have anyone discovered a solution?

-Frustrated Droid


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