Howto change the language settings in Android source on Mini2440

by Prakash A S » Sun, 07 Feb 2010 23:36:58 GMT

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 Dear all,
        I got the android source/image from
and ported it on Mini2440 board. Its booted properly. But the issue is
the language. By default, it has the chinees langauge. I want to
change it into english in the kernel itself. Help me, how to change
the Android language setting in the source before we create the
android kernel image?.

Prakash a s


Howto change the language settings in Android source on Mini2440

by Anand » Wed, 17 Feb 2010 02:11:14 GMT

 change the country/language and timezone in default.props to EN or UK
ASIA/India. edit this file by serial terminal by vi command


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