Installing an app offline using usb

by ajb » Tue, 23 Mar 2010 01:41:25 GMT

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 When I bought my Nexus One, I took the card out of my G1 and put it in
my N1. I've developed an app and I know how it works on the Nexus but
I want to test it on my G1.

I wanted to see how my app looks on a G1 so I connected it to my
computer and put my .apk file into the downloads folder on my G1's SD-
Card. Ok, now my app is on my OFFLINE G1 but how do I install it? Can
I install it with only the native apps on my G1? Right now, I don't
see anyway to view the file.

I know I can take the chip out of my N1 and put it back into my G1 and
then simply download and install it but I would rather not do that.

Any help would be


Installing an app offline using usb

by Steeler » Tue, 23 Mar 2010 04:55:35 GMT

 If your G1 is running Android 1.6 or higher, I think you can go into
Settings, and "Enable Installations of Non-Market Applications" or
something like that. Then go to your downloads folder (I believe you
can do this from the menu in the web browser), select the .apk, and it
should give you an install option.


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