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by Lali » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:02:01 GMT

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1. help~~~~!!!! This problem almost drive me crazy!!!

today i am building the environment.all is ok except this problem that
i can`t build android project. it says:[2011-05-05 15:21:33 - SDK
Manager] Warning: Ignoring add-on 'addon_google_apis_google_inc_3':
File not found: manifest.ini
[2011-05-05 15:21:59 - SDK Manager] Error: null.

i have already try all method to solve it , but i failed at last!!!

i need your help~~~


2. Update to 2.3.4 with Nexus S GRI54

Hi all, I am using Nexus S
with Build Number GRI54, Baseband version I9023XXKB3. And I received
the update
notification ... I hold the power button and volume up button at the
same time,
and screen show that update had an error status 7. Is GRI54 cannot be
updated to 2.3.4?


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