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1. Are there any ways that allows a developer to leave a reply to the comments in the market?


I have a free app that has 64% of ratings at 5 starts, but still has 9% of
ratings at only 1 start, some of them even said that my app is an "useless
garbage", so I think maybe I need to leave a reply to those users to explain
something or answer their questions. So are there any ways that we could do
such thing?

Thanks a lot



2. signing bootloader/kernel using the openssl command

Hi All,

In the file "build/target/product/security/README", it is mentioned as

signing using the openssl commandline (for boot/system images)

1. convert pk8 format key to pem format
   % openssl pkcs8 -inform DER -nocrypt -in testkey.pk8 -out

2. create a signature using the pem format key
   % openssl dgst -binary -sha1 -sign testkey.pem FILE > FILE.sig

1. Can this procedure be used to sign bootloader/kernel i.e Can I
provide boot.img/system.img as the input files for step 2?

2. If answer to previous question is yes, is there additional
procedure to take care for building bootloader/kernel?

3. Is there any detailed documentation on this?

PS: This is posted in android-security-discuss group as well; Posting
this query in android-kernel group for better visibility.

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