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2. the problem with libopencoreplayer.so when compile Android source code

Dear Sirs:
    when i try to build the Android source code download from internet
use repo. i meet the following problem:

    external/opencore//android/mediascanner.cpp:924: undefined
reference to `ucnv_open_3_8'
external/opencore//android/mediascanner.cpp:957: undefined reference
to `ucnv_convertEx_3_8'
external/opencore//android/mediascanner.cpp:970: undefined reference
to `ucnv_close_3_8'
external/opencore//android/mediascanner.cpp:971: undefined reference
to `ucnv_close_3_8'
external/opencore//android/mediascanner.cpp:919: undefined reference
to `ucnv_open_3_8'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

My environment has build up under the Intruction in how get the
Android source code web page under ubuntu 8.04.

would you please give me some tips or advice?
thank you very much!


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