Looking for a KML parser ...

by Emre A. Yavuz » Sat, 05 Sep 2009 05:00:40 GMT

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I am looking for a KML parser or a way to use the KML file directly to display 
the location on the map. Any suggestions ? 





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1. Need help with an interesting app idea

Hi everyone,

I have an interesting app idea that I am trying
to work on.

Unfortunately,  since it is such an ambitious
effort, I am not sure where to start.

First, I would like to commend the creators
of ShopSavvy and CompareEverywhere for
their innovative ideas and efforts.  I wish
them all the best.

My idea has some similarities to ShopSavvy,
but is also very different. Basically, the idea
has some key advantages, which are:

    1. It is a money manager type program that
        is fully automated.

    2. For the end-user, it [always] keeps them
        updated with accurate info about their
        finances via online banking access (which
        more and more people have now).

The actual idea is this:

   1. Using the camera, the users takes a
       picture of their receipt, when a purchase
       is made.

    2. Each item (including the tax info) in the
        receipt is read by the camera and gets
        saved into the 'money' program auto-
        matically (or can probably be done via
        OCR and the user just highlights each
        item in the receipt that is on the screen,
        then clicks 'process') into the preferred
        account automatically based on the users'

    3. When an online connection is active, the
        money program automatically checks the
        users' online banking/paper statements (after
        the user places their fingerprint (as opposed
        to the Username/Password method) on the
        screen to allow access to the banking features
        read by the camera (which would be a setting
        that a user chooses).  In the Online Banking,
        the program would automatically read
        'transactions' like Interest Earned.

    4. When a bank account's interest [earned]
        percentage changes the users would get an
        instant notification that the interest level has

One thing, I want to mention that I would really like
to complete a project like this and see this program
available. But, I don't believe I have sufficient resources
(like limited free time due to my job; which doesn't
bother me) to get this complete. my request is if
someone can help me, or would like to take this idea
and create it, that would be perfectly fine with me.
Feel free to contact me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you
would like to work together.

One last thing, I want to mention which will help this idea.
The link below shows the article that Sprint is welcoming
online banking.  Feel free to read it at your leisure.


Hope this helps.



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take care,
Muthu Ramadoss.

http://mobeegal.in - mobile search. redefined. +91 98403 48914


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