Question on building factory installed app with native Lib and external data on Cupcake

by efu » Mon, 23 Nov 2009 15:22:28 GMT

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 I am building an application that will be pre-installed on a cupcake
image. The application comes with a native library. My .apk file
contains the native library inside the /libs/armeabi directory and
the .apk has been tested fine when installed as a downloadable app.

I placed the .apk in the out/target/product/dream-open/system/app
folder, rebuild the image and load it on the Dream device.

1) I found out the my native lib was not copied to the /data/data/<app-
path>/lib directory. This would normally happen if my app is installed
as a downloadable app. Why?

2) What is the way to include my native lib as part of the /system/lib
and installed on the device?

3) I also have a large set of data that needs to be read/write by the
app in runtime. Right now these files are copied out of the .apk when
the app is run the first time. Ideally the data files can be installed
in the /data/data/<app-path> directory as part of the system package.
Can this be done? I noticed that the app has
its database files pre-installed, how is it done?



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