Emulator 1.5 displaying blurry images. Emulator FWQVGA displaying misplaced layout

by Gabriel SimēŽ«es » Mon, 10 May 2010 05:37:59 GMT

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Id like to know if you guys face the same problems I do.
Unfortunately Im not able to try my layouts in real devices right
now, so I have to trust the Android Emulator.

The problem is: using some specific configurations things are
displayed just the way I need them to, in others they dont; and in
the end I dont know if this is the real expected behavior of if it is
just the emulator.

1: All my pngs are bluried on my avd using android sdk 1.5. Well, they
display just great for the others. This affects not only images loaded
onto a imageview but also my icon (png 48x48).
2: I have an AVD to simulate a FWQVGA, which is a SDK 2.1 avd using
WQVGA432 skin. Here I face two problems:
- The avd works only for the first time I launch it. Things are
displayed correctly until I close it and reopen. Without installing my
app again (which means starting the same app I instaled in the session
before) widgets are displayed as the skin was a WQVGA400.
- If I set android:largeScreens="false" so android uses compatibility
mode for large display devices, FWQVGA display widgets wrong, as a
WQVGA400 avd. By what I know and understand a FWQVGA device is a
normal display device, so android:largeScreens="false" should not
affect it.

Have anyone ever faced this problems?

Gabriel Simes


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