How to order the items of GridView?

by HelloWorld » Tue, 07 Apr 2009 14:43:17 GMT

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 Dear all,
   In emulator, the items of GridView(e.g. Launcher) are in
alphabetical order.  Would you please point me how to implement a user-
defined order in Launcher? For example, I'd like 'Browser' to be the
first item in Launcher... Thank you in advance.

How to order the items of GridView?

by Romain Guy » Tue, 07 Apr 2009 14:44:32 GMT

 This is not supported by the default Home screen application.

Romain Guy
Android framework engineer

Note: please don't send private questions to me, as I don't have time
to provide private support.  All such questions should be posted on
public forums, where I and others can see and answer them


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How to order the items of GridView?

by HelloWorld » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 16:50:15 GMT

 Thanks a lot, Romain.


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