Is there a concept like DLL in Andoirds?

by Prashant Shelar » Fri, 16 Apr 2010 14:01:49 GMT

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I know that we can use a concept "Java Package" but I just wanted to
know that whether Android has provided a DLL concept where I can my
most of the functionality.

Is there any concept like DLL on Android OS?

Can we develop a DLL for better modularization and other benefits on

Thanks and Regards,


Is there a concept like DLL in Andoirds?

by Kitzy » Sat, 17 Apr 2010 01:30:37 GMT

 You can create libraies in C/C++ and share them with your
applications. Look at the NDK to see if that may help. 



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Is there a concept like DLL in Andoirds?

by Indicator Veritatis » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 07:03:57 GMT

 So the short answer to his original question, whether or not there is
a 'DLL concept' in Android, is 'no'.

If he really wants to, he can use the NDK as you suggest, but that
sounds like a lot of custom work for trying to support a C/C++
paradigm in a Java world, an approach that is likely to offer more
pain than profit. Android is based on Java, it is only to be expected
that the Java way will be more natural.

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Is there a concept like DLL in Andoirds?

by Kitzy » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 22:43:08 GMT

 If you download the NDK and look at the examples, it really isn't that
difficult to add a library.  In fact, it is recomended to place any
mathmatical processes into c/c++ code rather than java to speed up

Once you have the c library, you can drop the file into your android
lib directory on any of your projects and it will be compiled into you


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