Making a clickable LinearLayout change color on click?

by Romain Guy » Tue, 09 Mar 2010 01:22:20 GMT

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 > but this will just override the shape background definition I supplied

That's exactly what you have to do!


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1. AlarmManager woes

I have 2 apps, a paid and a free versions, using different package
names, but the same app signature.

They are both using a once-daily (non-precise) timer.  I am having
some problems where some users are reporting that their daily timers
don't go off.  I see something similar on my dev phone -- the timers
sometimes goes off right after I reboot the phone, but not again.

Basically, in my Phone Start receiver, I set the timer for +5 minutes
and then after the initial firing, I set it to +24 hours.

To debug, I ran a dumpsys.  Here's the relevant part:

  RTC_WAKEUP #7: Alarm{408df0f8 type 0 com.zvasvari.anmoneyp}
    type=0 when=+6h27m41s100ms repeatInterval=86400000 count=0
    operation=PendingIntent{40a10488: PendingIntentRecord{407ff870
com.zvasvari.anmoneyp broadcastIntent}}
  RTC_WAKEUP #5: Alarm{406d2118 type 0 com.zvasvari.anmoney}
    type=0 when=+3h27m41s100ms repeatInterval=86400000 count=0
    operation=PendingIntent{406e5950: PendingIntentRecord{40831df8
com.zvasvari.anmoney broadcastIntent}}

So, one timer is supposed to fire in 6 hours, the other in 3.

Next, I reinstalled the free app (com.zvasvari.anmoney).  I would have
expected to see the free app to fire in 5 minutes, and the paid app to
be unchanged.  But, here comes the surprise:

  RTC_WAKEUP #8: Alarm{40724510 type 0 com.zvasvari.anmoneyp}
    type=0 when=+22h11m29s486ms repeatInterval=86400000 count=0
    operation=PendingIntent{40727388: PendingIntentRecord{407ff870
com.zvasvari.anmoneyp broadcastIntent}}
  RTC_WAKEUP #7: Alarm{4093eb08 type 0 com.zvasvari.anmoney}
    type=0 when=+22h11m29s486ms repeatInterval=86400000 count=0
    operation=PendingIntent{4052d9a8: PendingIntentRecord{40831df8
com.zvasvari.anmoney broadcastIntent}}

BOTH of my apps are now set to fire in 22 hours!!!

Can somebody explain to me what's going on here?


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