Ang.: Getting the battery current and voltage values for the Android Phone

by Daniel Petersson » Tue, 16 Mar 2010 20:33:22 GMT

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449 mA is the max current for USB charging connected to a PC. If you read
the value when charging with a wall plug you will get a higher value
(probably around 700 mA but it is depending on the charger and the PMIC).


Den 15 mar 2010 15.55, "Chris Stratton" <> skrev:

It might be a current estimate, but since it was reported to be
nonzero only with external power it sounds more like charge current
than drain.  Would be interesting if it turns out different with the
wall charger vs. usb.

Android being open source Chintan should be able to track down the
source of the number by perusing the sources.

Its probably possible to make an instrumented dummy battery for
research purposes, though it would requure figuring out the interface.


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Ang.: Getting the battery current and voltage values for the Android Phone

by Chintan » Thu, 18 Mar 2010 04:56:06 GMT

 Ok, I am also able to read 449 mA for charging via USB.
Just wondering how is the phone able to measure the charging current
and not able to measure the discharge current.

For now I am planning to connect an external resistor and measure the
discharge current. I think that's the way to only way to get the
current values.

Thanks for your inputs.

On Mar 16, 4:13pm, Daniel Petersson

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