ADC II Package Rename & Content Providers

by Michael Elsd枚rfer » Tue, 01 Sep 2009 01:47:28 GMT

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 This is slightly confusing me right now. If I have a content provider, 
should it's authority be renamed also? I would have thought it makes 
sense, allowing both versions to run next to each other cleanly.

But then I seem to be experiencing strange errors if both versions do 
run hat the same time, with the non-ADC version of the app trying to use 
the ADC-Provider...or something. I can not exclude a bug in my own code, 
but I don't see where the problem is right now - both the Authority 
defined as well as the URI used to access seem to be correct and 
different in each case.

Any obvious problems I might be missing? Is using two different URIs 
generally the way to go?



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