How can I receive WAP Push with custom MIME Type?

by RainBow » Tue, 15 Dec 2009 09:38:02 GMT

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I am trying to write a simple code that will receive a WAP Push
message on my device. However, when I send a wap message with a custom
mime-type, I get the following error (taken from logcat logs):

Received PDU. Unknown Content-Type = XYZ

where XYZ = my custom MIME-typed message

Looking at the relevant telephony code (, I found
that their is no switch in the code that will be able to handle a
custom MIME type. (Please see the code below)

So, how do I go about sending a wap-push with custom MIME type? Any

Thanks for reading/answering my post in advance.

Kind regards.


URL: ;a=blob_plain;f=telephony/java/com/android/internal/telephony/;hb=15ab3eae2ec3d73b3e8aa60b33ae41445bf83f4b

Relevant code from

 if (mimeType.equals

 129                 binaryContentType =

 130             } else if (mimeType.equals

 131                 binaryContentType =

 132             } else if (mimeType.equals

 133                 binaryContentType =

 134             } else if (mimeType.equals

 135                 binaryContentType =

 136             } else if (mimeType.equals

 137                 binaryContentType =

 138             } else if (mimeType.equals

 139                 binaryContentType =

 140             } else {

 141                 if (Config.LOGD) Log.w(LOG_TAG, "Received PDU.
Unknown Content-Type = " + mimeType);

 142                 return;

 143             }


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