<< Can you help review, etc?

by Mships » Wed, 04 Feb 2009 05:44:54 GMT

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 Hi guys!
Asking for a bunch of immediate feedback on
Please go to  and email what you think of the
site, give feedback, suggestions for launching, specific online groups
this might appeal to, ideas on how to promote easily, quickly online,
virally etc.

What I am asking for
1. Do you understand the point? Good deed actions daily specified by
players, spreading around the world.
2. Can you leave a few messages? Thanks, we collect great messages.
3. Anyone see this launching for Android?
4. Is there anyone, or a few people, who can give feedback, guidance,

Brief Mships OverView
Mships is a bunch of "kindness games." People around the world follow
TodaysInstructions for each game. One simple daily action sent in by
other players, and hand chosen. TodaysInstructions,
TomorrowsInstructions + "SpreadTheGame," todays instructions for all
of us spreading the game using Twitter, FaceBook, blogs + other social

What I want from you
I am hoping to appeal with a new, unusual "game" about making positive
moves every day, coordinating kindness actions around the world with
fun simple silly games. I am new to being a developer... for iPhone
and Android. Just started. Can use any help I can get! Also looking
for an iPhone & an Android development partner. This could be easy. A
lot of where we're at right now is sending + collecting messages, and
players using the wallpapers in the game to see if others made today's
game "move(s)!" + in spreading the kindness games.

Game to reach the greatest Earth through simple daily moves.
--~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ << Can you help review, etc?

by Al Sutton » Wed, 04 Feb 2009 16:41:59 GMT

 Probably best move this to android-discuss as it's not about development.


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company number  6741909. The registered head office is Kemp House, 
152-160 City Road, London,  EC1V 2NX, UK. 

The views expressed in this email are those of the author and not 
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