Confused about handling SSL Errors in WebView

by whitemice » Fri, 13 Feb 2009 20:54:42 GMT

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 I have a WebView and I want to capture an error, most likely related
to a web page having an invalid SSL certificate (company Intranet).
Currently the MyWebViewClient.onPageStarted() method is called, and no
secure content is shown the the page.

Generally I would expect WebViewClient.onReceivedError() to be called
to handle this situation, although the documentation is not quite
clear on exactly what kind of errors this method covers.

Looking at the Android Browser implementation source code, it seems to
call WebViewClient.onReceivedSslError() on line 2954, which triggers
the relevant site certificate prompt: ;a=blob;f=src/com/android/browser/

...which of course is a method that was removed in 0.9: 

I am not clued up enough to take on the WebKit source and can't find
any documentation on what if anything has replaced the
onReceivedSslError() method.

Is this a bug/omission in the Android platform?  How was the
"release-1.0" browser complied with missing classes?  Am I doing
something completely wrong?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Confused about handling SSL Errors in WebView

by Manuel » Sat, 21 Feb 2009 01:48:35 GMT

 I have the same problem, and didn't manage to find a way even to
detect the error. Any clues?


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Confused about handling SSL Errors in WebView

by whitemice » Tue, 24 Feb 2009 17:00:59 GMT

 Hi Manuel
So far no luck.
I'm sure any solution will involved the "SslErrorHandler" class, but I
have so far failed to find any post 1.0 example code. 


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