cPanel Web Hosting Controls Give End Users the Power of Reliable & Affordable Web Hosting Services

by David Smith » Wed, 09 Dec 2009 19:42:10 GMT

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 The challenges for web businesses trying to differentiate themselves
from the pack are great. Of course, finding cheap, reliable website
hosting providers isn always easy. But even with a solid business
web hosting provider and a great website, the issue of content
management continues to hamstring many small businesses. The
importance of simple content management is greater all the time now
that the SEO arms race is underway.

Often end users are forced to choose between affordable web hosting
services that make site maintenance and updating content difficult, or
high-end, old-platedEcommerce web hosting services that perform
well but require significant up-front capital or a large monthly fee
that many startups just can afford.

Fortunately for most web businesses, the playing field has been
leveled. Open-source content management systems like Joomla hosting
services offer ease of use in a free package that spells affordable
web hosting services for the end user. With Joomla, the level of
specialized knowledge necessary to upload content and make simple
changes to a website has become much more manageable. Website hosting
providers can now spend work hours assisting clients with more complex
coding issues and database management rather than as intermediaries
for content work clients would often rather do themselves.

Now cPanel web hosting control panel makes the content management
process even easier. The intuitive cPanel interface takes the Joomla
hosting services system and divides it into three tiers for different
levels of users, while providing everyone working on the same project
with access to the same information and content.

With the cPanel web hosting system, it works like this. Hosting
administrators have access to the most complex levels of cPanel
functionality. Resellers like secondary web-design services are able
to have complete creative control over the look and feel of the site
plus most of the basic functionality of the site features. End user
website owners have access to all content including text, images,
videos and Ecommerce products to change, add or delete as needed, but
without a dizzying array of options that are only relevant to site
administrators. Business web hosting providers can even communicate
and share content with their clients via message threads in the
control panel rather than through confusing email conversations.

Full-service business web hosting providers like Simple Source
Solutions that offer creative services like logo design services and
copywriting now have more time to generate creative content as well.
When youe in the market for affordable web hosting services, make
sure you choose cPanel web hosting functionality to give you more
control over your website with less technical hassle.

Simple Source Solutions (  ) offers affordable
web hosting services, reliable Ecommerce webhosting services, joomla
hosting services and Cheap cPanel Web Hosting. Deal with Simple source
solutions and get exactly what you want.


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