ERROR/MediaPlayer(1066): setDataSource called in state 128

by ATrubka » Wed, 08 Apr 2009 04:29:21 GMT

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 Hi, guys.

I'm using MediaPlayer and sometimes when first audio is about to end
and I click to the next audio I get the exception below. Looks like
the MediaPlayer is in some weird state of stopping playing and cannot
accept audio at the moment.

The exception goes to the native code which is greeks to me.
I couldn't find anything about this error on the internet either.

Is anyone here familiar with the problem?

Thank you in advance!

04-07 20:19:35.855: ERROR/MediaPlayer(1066): setDataSource called in
state 128
04-07 20:19:35.855: ERROR/AudioPlayerService(1066): Unable to play
chapter audio
04-07 20:19:35.855: ERROR/AudioPlayerService(1066):
04-07 20:19:35.855: ERROR/AudioPlayerService(1066):     at Method)
04-07 20:19:35.855: ERROR/AudioPlayerService(1066):     at
04-07 20:19:35.855: ERROR/AudioPlayerService(1066):     at$3
04-07 20:19:35.855: ERROR/AudioPlayerService(1066):     at$1.playCurrentChapter
04-07 20:19:35.855: ERROR/AudioPlayerService(1066):     at$Stub.onTransact
04-07 20:19:35.855: ERROR/AudioPlayerService(1066):     at
04-07 20:19:35.855: ERROR/AudioPlayerService(1066):     at Method)


ERROR/MediaPlayer(1066): setDataSource called in state 128

by ATrubka » Wed, 08 Apr 2009 13:39:05 GMT

 MediaPlayer.reset() always gets invoked. Here's the exact lines of


Additionally, the error occurs only when next audio starts while
previous audio is about to end.
If next audio starts in the middle of the playback or after it has
completely stopped playing, then everything works fine.

It looks pretty much like a synchronization issue to me.
This method is not synchronized at the moment.
Since most of the MediaPlayer code is native I'm not sure what should
be synchronized.


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ERROR/MediaPlayer(1066): setDataSource called in state 128

by ATrubka » Thu, 09 Apr 2009 04:05:50 GMT

 Guys, please...
Is there any Android native code developers around?


ERROR/MediaPlayer(1066): setDataSource called in state 128

by ATrubka » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 11:23:37 GMT

  agree that it's most likely me doing something wrong.
It looks like when the audio file is about to end the state of
MediaPlayer gets changed in the native code.
And maybe reset() doesn't take effect during this process while
setDataSource(), invoked right after, finds player not to be ready.

Maybe Android music app creates MediaPlayer every time or synchronizes
the invocations somehow.
I wonder whether the situation I described is possible and if it is
whether you can advise on the solution.

I can create MediaPlayer all the time, but I'm afraid to use too many
resources doing so.
I'm usually reluctant to creation of unnecessary objects.

I really appreciate your help and apologize for my not very deep
knowledge of the player functionality.

On Apr 9, 3:23pm, Marco Nelissen <> wrote:

ERROR/MediaPlayer(1066): setDataSource called in state 128

by Dave Sparks » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 23:37:41 GMT

 ediaPlayer states are protected by mutexes in the native layer.
However, the playback complete is an asynchronous event that comes on
a binder worker thread. It's possible that you could call reset() in
the window after the native media player service has posted a playback
complete message to the binder interface, but before the client worker
thread has processed it. In this case, the playback complete message
would reset the client side of the interface to the stopped state.
Your subsequent setDataSource() call would fail.

If you wait for the playback complete message and then post a message
to your handler to start the next playback, you can avoid this
problem. Or as Marco suggests, create a second MediaPlayer object.
Just make sure you call release() on each one after you're done with
it to release the native resources.

On Apr 9, 8:23pm, ATrubka <> wrote:

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